Virgo Overview

Capricorn Loving rapport

Taurus Sensual warmth

Pisces An appreciation of opposites

Cancer Devoted harmony

Scorpio Respectful passion

Virgo Perfect agreement

Libra Instinctive perfection

Leo Unconventional passion

Sagittarius Flexible friendship

Gemini A shared love of words

Aquarius Strangely loving

Aries Joint fascination

Virgo Compatibility

Compatibility Details

Virgo - Capricorn

They share similar values and temperaments and have a good rapport.Although they make great friends, an intimate connection can sometimes be difficult as they try to outperform each other. If they remember to allow enough time for fun, this can be an exciting combination with a very high chance of success.

Result: Loving rapport

Virgo - Taurus

The best thing about this combination is that Virgo loves fussing over someone and Taurus loves to be fussed over. A long and rewarding partnership is possible, butthere is such a thing as being too sensible, and it can be all too easy to get stuck in a rut.

Result: Sensual warmth

Virgo - Pisces

Although Virgo provides the stability Pisces needs and helps them be less stressed, they also resent Pisces’s unreliability. However, most often their differences don’t conflict and they appreciate and understand each other enough to harmonise well. Their joint empathy and sense of commitment helps.

Result: An appreciation of opposites

Virgo - Cancer

There’s a good chance they’ll simply get on each other’s nerves. Cancer’s constant demand for reassurance can drive Virgo mad while Virgo’s criticism hurts Cancer’s feelings. However, neither wants a superficial relationship and both are capable of great devotion.

Result: Devoted harmony

Virgo - Scorpio

Both of want commitment and loyalty and they share the need to analyse everything. However, Scorpio resents Virgo’s nagging and Virgo may feel that Scorpio is too demanding. Any relationship between them is likely to be long lasting and stable and the affection will slowly build.

Result: Respectful passion

Virgo - Virgo

Two perfectionists together means there’s the risk of too much of a good thing. They can bring out the best or the worst in each other, but the biggest problem is allowing the relationship to get monotonous. They may be too practical to allow romance to enter into their relationship.

Result: Perfect agreement

Virgo - Libra

Both are perfectionists in different ways, and their different natures can complement without them annoying each other. if they take the time to get to know each other, they’ll find that they instinctively know how to make each other happy. However, it might take a while to get things going.

Result: Instinctive perfection

Virgo - Leo

Leo likes to rule and Virgo loves to serve so this could be the perfect couple. However, neither shows respect for the other and Virgo tends to cramp Leo’s style while Leo takes Virgos helpfulness for granted. This relationship can grow over time as they learn to appreciate each other.

Result: Unconventional passion

Virgo - Sagittarius

Although an unlikely match, they can balance each other out as Sagittarius takes the wider view while Virgo focuses on the specific details. Sagittarius may get annoyed with Virgo's pettiness and criticism while Virgo is frustrated by Sagittarius's sloppiness. A lot of minor irritations make the relationship difficult.

Result: Flexible friendship

Virgo - Gemini

Virgo is more serious than Gemini and there can be blazing rows as both have sharp tongues. However, shared intellectual interests make things easier. Virgo can supply the stability Gemini needs. Keeping the lines of communication open will make all the difference.

Result: A shared love of words

Virgo - Aquarius

They make agood intellectual connection, but romance is more difficult. Aquarius lives in a world of ideas while Virgo is more concerned with material values. One of the biggest differences between them is that Virgo loves order, while Aquarius disrupts order so something new can happen.

Result: Strangely loving

Virgo - Aries

Their differences can mean each finds the other fascinating,but a lot of adjustment is needed to make this work. Virgo finds Aries too little blunt for their tastes and they don’t like tobe rushed, whileAries can become frustrated by Virgo’s constant criticism. However, Virgo’s willingnessto give rather than take means there are possibilities.

Result: Joint fascination

Virgo Traits

Perfectionist Virgo is sharp-minded, with a strong eye for detail. They seek to analyse everything and so are excellent problem solvers. Extremely organised, Virgo has a strong work ethic and seeks to be of service to those around them.

Sometimes their love of routine can go too far and they become stuck in a rut, worrying about what might go wrong if they leave the safety of their home. They may complicate things and feel unable to make a move.

On balance however, Virgo is highly practical and is always searching for a way to improve things. They can be nosy and finicky, but are well-intentioned. Despite appearing calm on the surface, Virgo finds it hard to relax because there is always something else to be done.Deep down, Virgo is sensitive but might ever show when they’re hurt.

Virgo In Love

Virgo needs constant reassurance and can sometimes try too hard to be romantic. No-one has higher standards than a Virgo, and they’d rather be alone than settle for a relationship that isn’t working.

Most Virgoans have an old-fashioned streak and can be reserved. Leaving it up to the object of their desire to make the first move. Although they seek true love, it has to be packaged in someone who is loyal, respectful and intelligent. They can’t be bothered with having a fling and want to be proud of whoever they choose for their partner. A Virgo doesn’t ignore their heart, but they do allow their head to make the final decision.

Unimpressed by flattery, Virgo is considerate to a fault and will always do their bets to satisfy their loved one – at the absolute minimum. They may not be the most affectionate of people, but they have complete and unselfish devotion for the one they love.

Virgo Friendship

If you ever need a helping hand, Virgo is willing to offer two. They can be incredibly giving and generous. You can always rely on a Virgo friend, although their constant criticism can be annoying, even though they mean well.

Always ready for a chat, Virgo loves analysing every detail of what’s happened to you, helping you to come up with solutions to your problems. They hate disorganisation and mess, so are more than happy to help you clear out your house if you’re finding it hard to get motivated.

You can trust Virgo to be honest with you, but they expect the same in return. You might at times find them cold or emotionally detached because they live in their mind, and it can be hard to pin down how a Virgo friend is feeling. They’re happier dealing with your problems rather than their own.