Taurus Overview

Pisces Sweet, sweet loving

Cancer Love and understanding

Capricorn Powerhouse of love

Scorpio Powerful passion

Libra Hearts and roses

Virgo Sensible sensuality

Taurus Close contentment

Sagittarius Adventurous devotion

Leo Forever and ever

Aries Practically exciting

Gemini Affectionate laughter

Aquarius Friendly fascination

Taurus Compatibility

Compatibility Details

Taurus - Pisces

Although there’s plenty of affection on offer, Taurus can become frustrated with Pisces’ unreliability. They bring out loving feelings in each other, but unless they make an effort, they risk wallowing in a rosy glow but not actually taking their relationship forward. If one of them makes the jump from just good friends, this relationship can offer years of happiness.

Result: Sweet, sweet loving

Taurus - Cancer

A magnetic attraction and a natural understanding means this comfortable and cosy pairing can go on until the end of time. Although both seek security and stability, they have enough differences to ensure things don’t get boring. There’s plenty of affection, but Cancer needs to avoid smothering Taurus who should guard against being too self-absorbed.Straight talk will iron out any issues.

Result: Love and understanding

Taurus - Capricorn

Two such practical and realistic people make a powerful team. They address any issues as soon as they arise, and once they find common ground, will make it last and last. Things could get dull if they’re not careful, and compromise can be difficult. Capricorn needs to lighten up and Taurus will have to curb their extravagant impulses. But they each offer the other unlimited support and the promise of togetherness forever.

Result: Powerhouse of love

Taurus - Scorpio

Saying opposites attract is a huge understatement. It can be love or hate, but even if it’s hate, things can be turned around. This pair will go out of their way to make each other feel good and can establish a very deep bond and dynamic relationship that lasts forever. There may be clashes as both can be jealous and opinionated, but some straight talk means this simply adds extra excitement.

Result: Powerful passion

Taurus - Libra

Both enjoy the finer things in life and are prepared to work at their relationship. If Libra stops their constant flirting and Taurus makes an effort to be more sociable, things will be much easier. Libra’s desire for romance coupled with Taurus’s sensuality creates a delightful pairing that gets better and better as time goes on.

Result: Hearts and roses

Taurus - Virgo

There is such a thing as being too sensible. If Virgo stops looking for what can go wrong, and Taurus doesn’t retreat into sulky silence at the first sign of a problem, slowly they will establish a warm and sensual relationship. Virgo likes to fuss over someone special and Taurus likes to be fussed over. That can be enough to keep things sweet.

Result: Sensible sensuality

Taurus - Taurus

There’s plenty of attraction based on shared ideas, but it’s hard to get a relationship going when no-one wants to make the first move. If they can learn to compromise once in a while, and stop being so stubborn, happy contentment with masses of love and affection are on the agenda. They can become so close that nothing will tear them apart.

Result: Close contentment

Taurus - Sagittarius

Sagittarius and Taurus move at different speeds. While nothing shifts Taurus, Sagittarius changes their mind every few minutes. But Sagittarius can bring adventure and fun into their relationship and Taurus can offer stability. Tact and flexibility will allow Sagittarius to enjoy Taurus’s affectionate sensuality and Taurus to shed their inhibitions. Both are loyal and devoted, so there are possibilities of long-lasting love.

Result: Adventurous devotion

Taurus - Leo

Both are loyal and value security, but Leo’s bossiness and desire for constant attention can drive Taurus mad. And Leo might find Taurus too stick-in the mud. Battles of will are almost guaranteed, and they need to respect each other’s differences and avoid trying to control each other. If they strike a good balance at the start, their mutual desire to please can create a solid bond.

Result: Forever and ever

Taurus - Aries

Aries leaps right in while Taurus takes their time, leading to frustration for both. But Taurus needs a kick to get going and Aries needs to be restrained from their worst excesses. Aries can keep the excitement going, while Taurus takes care of practicalities. If they head in the same direction, things will work out.

Result: Practically exciting

Taurus - Gemini

It’s hard to find common ground, and Taurus needs to be patient and understanding to make it work. Gemini may find Taurus dull and plodding while Taurus can be exasperated by Gemini’s impracticality and changeability. However, Taurus’s determined and affectionate nature coupled with Gemini’s sense of humour and desire for something different offers possibilities.

Result: Affectionate laughter

Taurus - Aquarius

More likely to be friends than lovers, although they find each other intriguing, they can also each be baffled by the other’s approach to life. However, Taurus offers Aquarius reliability and Aquarius can widen Taurus’s horizons. As they’re both calm and rational, a relationship is possible if there’s compromise and they avoid getting into battles of wills.

Result: Friendly fascination

Sign Traits

Quality in all areas of life is important to Taurus, and they won’t rush into a situation, preferring to check it out thoroughly first. Once a decision is made, the Taurean will steadily follow through to its conclusion. They are very productive and can work hard to turn ideas into something practical and workable, making the most of the potential of any situation.

Taurus has an instinctive understanding of the physicality of life, and a need to experience the world through the sense of touch. This makes Taureans focus on the material world – their possessions offer security. They also have a good sense of art and beauty, and love to surround themselves with luxurious objects.

Their generosity extends far beyond the material. They are non-judgemental and always willing to give time and energy to those in need.Their role is usually one of support.

Solid, practical, and strong willed Taurus will do everything they can to maintain their security and are worried by change. They tend to be very traditional and creatures of routine. Often tempted to take the easy way out, a Taurean can be lazy and might need encouraging to get out into the world once in a while and actually do something.

On the negative side, Taurus can be stubborn, possessive and overindulgent. If wronged, they can nurse resentment for a longtime. Taurus seeks to be comfortable and safe. They want to grow roots – preferably with someone who can accept their deep and loving devotion.


You can’t rush a Taurus. If one catches your eye, you need a slow and patient approach. Good food, sweet music and soft lighting will set the scene to capture their heart. Taureans are sensual pleasure lovers and enjoy lots of hugs and kisses. They aren’t always very demonstrative, and can be a little lazy when it comes to offering affection in return, but they’ll soon understand if you open your arms.

Taurus holds out for the best – only true love is enough. Once they decide a relationship is worth pursuing, they will throw all their reserves of common sense and dependability at it, and you’ll be able to rely on them whatever happens. They have plenty of staying power and will do whatever it takes to make things work. Sometimes they can be demanding and stuck in their ways, but the sweet contentment on offer more than makes up for the odd boring moment.

They want a partner that they can rely on and can be a little possessive. As your relationship grows and you build trust together, this will become less of an issue. If things do go wrong, Taurus will stick around trying to resolve any problems. They don’t give in easily, and it takes Taurus a very long time to get over a relationship breakdown.

Taurus loves with all their heart and will do all they can to build a life with the special someone they love and cherish.


A Taurus friend is loyal and devoted, ready to stick with you through thick and thin.Taureans prefer to spend time around people they've known for years, rather those they met last week. And they like people in their life with whom they share interests. If you ever need a helping hand, not matter what time it is or where you are, Taurus will be there in an instant.

Most of the time,Taurus is even tempered, but if provoked they can become ferociously angry and they’re capable of holding grudges for a long time. Although they can be a little smothering and possessive, their reliability and the comfort they provide more than makes up for this.

Generous and affectionate Taurus has few close friends, but those they hold dear are loved and protected. Friends are treated like family, and Taurus will pamper them with good food and affection. They love to play host and treat their loved ones, so you can always expect something special when your birthday comes round!

Stable Taurus is always ready to offer good and practical advice – sometimes sprinkled with painful honesty. But although they are naturally giving, Taureans expect the same in return so a friendship with a Taurus is a lifelong commitment and not something to be taken lightly.