Scorpio Overview

Pisces Excellent

Cancer Excellent

Capricorn Good

Taurus Powerful passion

Virgo Good

Scorpio Good

Gemini Mixed

Aries Mixed

Sagittarius Mixed

Libra Fair

Aquarius Fair

Leo Poor

Scorpio Compatibility


As the most introspective of all of the Zodiacs, Scorpio is known for its observant wisdom and its ability to understand and empathize with others. They are loyal in any kind of relationship and willing to defend the people they care about should they need to.

This loyalty, however, can lead to jealousy. A Scorpio does not need much to be amused, so they tend to care deeply about what they have - so deeply that they can become possessive. Because of this, Scorpios often do not get along with Zodiacs that are overly active, as this activity tends to mean they are not spending time with them.


A Scorpio can have a difficult time finding someone to compliment their unique personality. But when they do, they can be the most loyal of all the Zodiacs.