Sagittarius Overview

Aries Flames of Love

Gemini Loving Humour

Leo Playfully Positive

Sagittarius Happy Charmers

Libra Friendly Companions

Pisces Dreaming Lovers

Taurus Adventurous Affection

Cancer Nurturing Charm

Capricorn True Balance

Aquarius Idealistic Duo

Scorpio A Slow Burn

Virgo Respectful Tolerance

Sagittarius Compatibility

Compatibility Details

Sagittarius - Aries

Both are enthusiastic and ready to throw themselves into the relationship with boundless enthusiasm. Sagittarius doesn’t don’t care about Aries being the boss as they’re more concerned about maintaining their independence, but they won’t accept them being too bossy. However, with both being so fiery, conflict is inevitable and there can be constant drama. Their combined directness and honesty makes it straightforward to iron out any problems.

Result: Flames of Love

Sagittarius - Gemini

There’s plenty of excitement in this relationship, especially at the start. The problem is that neither is consistent and the fun could be short lived. It's important to avoid bickering about trivialities. Neither holds grudges, so as long as they learn to listen to each other, problems can be quickly resolved. A mutual sense of humour helps things along.

Result: Loving Humour

Sagittarius - Leo

Leo may be too demanding for Sagittarius and Sagittarius’ obliviousness to Leo’s feelings can wound their pride. However, their biggest problem however is their joint tendency to avoid responsibility. On the plus side, they can reinforce each other's optimism and playfulness. This relationship will catch fire once they stimulate each other's idealism.

Result: Playfully Positive

Sagittarius - Sagittarius

It’s exciting and fast moving, but there’s a risk they’re moving in different directions. They make a charming and entertaining couple with a lively social life, but might egg each other on in potentially dangerous situations. Finding it hard to commit can mean they drift apart although they could stay friends forever.

Result: Happy Charmers

Sagittarius - Libra

Both enjoy a lively social life but they might make the mistake of putting it ahead of their relationship. Libra needs companionship and can feel insecure when Sagittarius goes off alone. And Sagittarius’ tactlessness can be an issue. These are minor problems, as on balance they get along well as they are both idealistic and prefer to see the good in life. They make great friends as well as lovers.

Result: Friendly Companions

Sagittarius - Pisces

Both are dreamers and in love with the idea of love, but reality can interfere and lead to disappointment. Both find it too easy to promise much more than they’re able to deliver. Sagittarius can be impatient with Pisces’ slowness while Pisces can be hurt by Sagittarius’s clumsiness. If they’re as honest as possible, they can establish a true partnership where they are equals.

Result: Dreaming Lovers

Sagittarius - Taurus

With Sagittarius charging around in search of adventure and Taurus taking their own sweet time about everything, it can be hard for this two to get together. However, Sagittarius is flexible enough to enjoys Taurus's affection and can match their loyalty. They approach life differently and neither can change the other, but with with patience and understanding their relationship will improve with time.

Result: Adventurous Affection

Sagittarius - Cancer

These two are so different they might as well come from different planets. Sagittarius’s desire to explore can make Cancer feel insecure. However, Sagittarius can be full of charm and fall for Cancer’s loving and nurturing ways. If they are patient and give the relationship time to mature, they’ll discover they have a lot to offer each other.

Result: Nurturing Charm

Sagittarius - Capricorn

It’s unlikely they’ll consider each other in the first place. If they do, Capricorn’s natural pessimism supplies a contrast to Sagittarius’s optimism. Sagittarius can feel overwhelmed by Capricorn and Capricorn worries about Sagittarius’ irresponsible approach. However, a little compromise can go an extremely long way. It isn’t an easy match, but with care they can balance each other out.

Result: True Balance

Sagittarius - Aquarius

It can be a perfect match – but maybe only for a short time. However, there is an opportunity for true understanding and real communication as both are idealistic and love to be independent. There is a lot of give and take in this relationship and it’s full of potential. There may not always be emotional intimacy, but that isn’t necessarily a problem, although they might make better friends than lovers.

Result: Idealistic Duo

Sagittarius - Scorpio

Huge fights are possible between this pair. Sagittarius is too inconsistent and flirtatious for Scorpio and Scorpio is too intense for Sagittarius. It’s an unlikely combination, but if Scorpio decides they want Sagittarius, they’ll do everything in their power to get them. When it does work, this relationship buzzes with excitement and boundless passion.

Result: A Slow Burn

Sagittarius - Virgo

There might be an initial attraction, but they find it hard to understand each other. Virgo can feel frustrated by Sagittarius’ sloppiness and Sagittarius can feel annoyed with Virgo's pettiness. Plenty of humour, tolerance, and awareness of their differences is necessary to make this work. If they learn to respect their differences and start with friendship, they can work towards a very rewarding partnership.

Result: Respectful Tolerance

Sagittarius Traits

Life is an adventure as far as Sagittarius is concerned, and they’re constantly prepared to throw their high spirits into any pot that comes their way.

Many people think that Sagittarius is lucky, but it’s more the case that they can see the good in any situation. Enthusiastic and positive, Sagittarius can’t be contained. Always looking to the future, Sagittarius can be reckless and irresponsible because they jump at any suggestion that they try something new.

Extroverted Sagittarius is able to transform their thoughts into concrete actions and will do anything to achieve their goals. They are constantly searching for something higher and better in life, and have a deep sense of justice.

Curious and energetic, Sagittarius is one of the biggest travellers of the zodiac. They hold no prejudices and want to experience as much of life as possible.

Sagittarius in Love

Love is based on friendship as far as Sagittarius is concerned, and they can be one of the biggest flirts of the zodiac. They love the thrill of the chase and aren’t great at commitment. However, as long as they have enough freedom in other areas of their life, they’ll always bounce back.

Spontaneity is important to Sagittarius and they are extremely straightforward when it comes to their love life. However, their sense of adventure can lead them into relationships that are unwise for them. When that happens, rather than get involved in long discussions about their feelings, they simply move on.

With one eye on the future at all times, Sagittarius will be happy to discuss their plans but they can sometimes be a little on the selfish side and forget to consider their beloved.

Their brutal honesty can be unnerving if things go wrong, but it can also be a delight when things are going well. They’re at their best with someone who isn’t possessive but realises that if you allow Sagittarius to go out and explore the world, they’ll come back with even more enthusiasm than before.

Sagittarius Friendship

Sagittarians can never have too many friends. They’re always ready to lend a helping hand, and have an uncanny ability of seeing solutions to problems no-one else has thought of.

Sagittarius needs plenty of freedom, so therefore can be sometimes hard to pin down. But once they’re your friend, they’re your friend forever. They will never hold back when it comes to giving their opinion, but don’t always express themselves as tactfully as they could. They’re honest and generous, but value truth above all else.

Loving variety, Sagittarius appreciates different viewpoints, even when they contradict their own. Their positive nature and kind heart means they’ll do what they can to keep you happy. They don’t expect anything in return, and are never possessive or jealous.

What you see is what you get with Sagittarius. They are notoriously unreliable when it comes to time-keeping, because there’s always so much going on in their life. And trying to please everyone can mean they end up promising more than they can deliver.

Sagittarius doesn’t like to be bored and can be irritable if you attempt to rein them in. However, in general they believe there’s always something good around the next corner and they want you to follow them on their adventure.