Libra Overview

Aquarius Excellent

Gemini Excellent

Sagittarius Good

Leo Good

Taurus Hearts and roses

Libra Good

Pisces Mixed

Scorpio Mixed

Virgo Fair

Capricorn Fair

Cancer Poor

Aries Poor

Libra Compatibility


Librans are the most intelligent and relaxed of the zodiacs. They are easily amused while not easily hurt, and are known to be both very diplomatic. They do not rush into decisions. Rather, they take their time and come up with what they believe to be the right choice in any situation. They appreciate surrounding themselves with nice things and thrive socially.

But Libras also tend to be lazy, and their laziness makes them generally unreliable. Their predilection towards nice things can make them appear superficial and shallow. And they prefer to be in groups, and many of them are co-dependent on others. This co-dependency is a great benefit for mutually caring relationships, though it can be a weakness when in a less than ideal situation with another person.


A Librans compatibility depends, in large part to the strengths of the other Zodiac. Because Librans are searching for someone that completes them, the best matches are those that are strong where they may be weak.