Leo Overview

Sagittarius Excellent

Aries Excellent

Libra Good

Gemini Good

Leo Good

Pisces Mixed

Capricorn Mixed

Virgo Mixed

Cancer Fair

Taurus Forever and ever

Scorpio Poor

Aquarius Poor

Leo Compatibility


A Leo often appears to be destined for success. Not only are the ambitious, often showing a great deal of fortitude in solving problems, they are also loyal and caring, proving they can be both strong and kind at the same time.

They do, however, have some flaws which do not click well with other Zodiacs. Despite their generally resilient exterior, they are also sensitive and their confidence is easily broken by harsh words. This can also make them defensive, which makes them appear stubborn. They also have such a high degree of confidence (due their own expectations of success) that they can appear elitist and domineering.

Their pride and confidence is both their strength and weakness. Though not generally overly emotional, a few critical words, and a Leo’s happiness can be shattered, because their happiness is tied directly with their feelings of self confidence.


Leo’s are the rare mixture of caring and strength. Their stubbornness and sensitivity do not make them right for everyone, but if a compatible partner allows them to have their opinion and treats the Leo with respect, most relationships have the potential to work out well.