Leo Overview

Sagittarius Playfully friendly

Taurus Love Powerhouse

Aries All-action Loving

Leo Fireworks!

Libra Warm and Loving

Cancer Feeling Good

Gemini Easy Rapport

Scorpio Reckonable Force

Aquarius Natural Match

Capricorn Take it Slowly

Pisces Wallow in Romance

Virgo Unconventional loving

Leo Compatibility

Compatibility Details

Leo - Sagittarius

With so much in common, it’s easy to develop a warm, enthusiastic and vital relationship. As each reinforces the other’s optimism, it feels like anything is possible. However, neither wants to accept responsibility and while Leo may be too demanding for Sagittarius's tastes, Sagittarius responds with blunt comments that wound Leo's easily hurt pride. It can be exciting and long-lasting if they focus on the good aspects of their combination.

Result: Playfully friendly

Leo - Taurus

A mutual yearning for security and commitment can resolve any problems caused by Leo’s bossiness and Taurus’s constant demands for attention. If they get past the initial struggle to take control, their joint desire to please and unwavering loyalty can make this a forever relationship.

Result: Love Powerhouse

Leo - Aries

Someone has to come first, and fighting for attention can lead to conflict. However, Leo’s determination compliments Aries’ adventurous spirit, and Aries can take advantage of Leo’s willpower to help them shine. They respect each other's views, and although it may not last long, this relationship is unlikely to be boring.

Result: All-action Loving

Leo - Leo

There’s plenty of excitement on offer, but without compromise this will be a very short lived romance. However, they have plenty in common, and a magnetically attraction can be too strong to resist. If they each remember to make the other feel special, this can be a true partnership.

Result: Fireworks!

Leo - Libra

A joint craving for romance and great chemistry can be enough to get this relationship going. Sometimes Leo is a little over-bearing for Libra’s tastes, and Libra can be too compliant for Leo. However, with plenty of communication they can encourage each other towards a very happy future together.

Result: Warm and Loving

Leo - Cancer

Cancer will offer the admiration Leo demands, and Leo in return offers unwavering loyalty. Leo’s sunny disposition is just what Cancer needs to stop them being moody, and they’re happy for Leo to make most of the decisions. However, Leo needs to avoid being too demanding and sending Cancer off into a sulk.

Result: Feeling Good

Leo - Gemini

There’s plenty of enough fun and adventure on offer, but the excitement soon wears off for Gemini, and Leo can be a bit demanding for their tastes. However, Gemini’s flattery can make Leo melt at their feet, and Leo’s devotion strengthens any bond between them. They might try to upstage each other socially, but they’ll have a lot of fun doing it.

Result: Easy Rapport

Leo - Scorpio

Two such stubborn people who are prone to jealousy can find each other exasperating. However, Leo appreciates Scorpio's undivided attention and Scorpio is happy to act as Leo’s audience. They may rule the world together, or they could become bitter enemies. All that’s for certain is that things will never become dull or predictable.

Result: Reckonable Force

Leo - Aquarius

There are plenty of surprises but conflicts are easily resolved. Excitement and unpredictability are major themes in this relationship. Aquarius may seem too aloof to Leo, and Leo may take things too personally for Aquarius. However, this can be a magnetic combination based on true friendship. There will never be a dull moment.

Result: Natural Match

Leo - Capricorn

Capricorn finds it hard to give Leo the adoration they need, and Leo resents Capricorn’s incessant advice and pessimism. Money can be a major issue as they have such different spending patterns. It’s difficult to make this work on a practical level. However, both value fidelity and loyalty and there can be a strong physical attraction. With effort, love can grow.

Result: Take it Slowly

Leo - Pisces

An unpredictable combination. Leo melts at Pisces’s charm and Pisces loves Leo’s devotion. However, Leo can find Pisces a bit of a wet blanket, although at least they never compete for the limelight. Pisces is happy to give up their personal desires to make Leo happy. Things can get very intense, and the fascination goes on forever.

Result: Wallow in Romance

Leo - Virgo

While Leo wants to be the centre of attention, Virgo is happiest in the background, so they could each provide what the other wants. Leo can show Virgo have to have more fun, and in return Virgo teaches Leo patience and helps them to focus. However, Leo’s sensitivity to criticism can cause problems and Virgo can find them too bossy. This relationship grows over time.

Result: Unconventional loving

Leo Traits

Larger than life Leo loves to be the centre of attention. Warm-hearted and enthusiastic Leo oozes confidence and throws all their energy into enjoying life. They can at times be arrogant and lazy – assuming someone will do it if they sit back and wait long enough. However, although Leos can be extremely fixed in their views, they like to feel they have accomplished something and so will react to situations rather than sitting back and complaining. They’re not impulsive and will always consider the consequences of their actions.

Leo wants the best from life, and is concerned about appearances, which means they can be extremely extravagant.

Highly creative Leo has a flair for the dramatic and can liven up any party. A leader rather than a follower, Leo brings the sun into the room whenever they enter.

Leo in Love

Leo seeks undying devotion in their love life, and they’re willing to pay for it with unwavering loyalty. They fall in love easily, and are at their best with someone who has their feet firmly planted on the ground. Although Leo can sometimes appear self-centred and unemotional, one you grow closer to a Leo you’ll melt in their affection.

Appearance matters to Leo and at times their expectations may be unrealistic. On the plus side, a date with a Leo is likely to involve luxury and romance to a level you’ve never experienced before.

Flattery and praise is the way to a Leo's heart and they love the chance to show off and impress. They can be overly-possessive but will also protect their loved ones to the best of their powers.

However, if things do go wrong Leo won’t accept second best – love is too important for that. They will forgive and forget, but are also capable of striking back with great force if they’re wounded.

Often Leo will look to a partner to provide the stability they need. Once they get that stability, they’ll never stray. Even a wandering eye is a rare thing for a Leo.

Leo Friendship

Just because Leo wants to be the centre of attention, it doesn’t mean that their friends are ignored. Generous with both time and money, Leo will soon show their friendship in very tangible ways. And they’re full of compliments for the important people in their life.

It might take Leo a while to commit to a friendship, but once they do they’ll stick with you through thick and thin. If they can’t actually lend a hand with your problems, they’ll offer car and warmth, doing all they can to make you happy.

Their zest for life attracts people and a Leo is rarely lonely. It’s hard to resist their enthusiasm, and although they can be self-centered, they’re never too self-absorbed to notice if someone needs help.

If things go wrong, Leo is forgiving due to their understanding that people are different and see the world in different ways.

Always willing to see the positive side of any situation, Leo intends to enjoy life and is more than happy to take their friends along for the ride.

They’d hate to be left out, and so are often first with all the gossip. Loyal Leo will always lend a hand when asked. Sometimes they can be more honest than people find comfortable, but there’s no malice behind their words.