Gemini Overview

Aquarius Excellent

Libra Excellent

Leo Good

Aries Good

Gemini Good

Capricorn Mixed

Scorpio Mixed

Cancer Mixed

Pisces Fair

Taurus Affectionate laughter

Virgo Poor

Sagittarius Poor

Gemini Compatibility


A Gemini can be described in many different ways. At best, they can be described as social butterflies, able to become amazing program planners with the ability to adapt to virtually any situation and thrive in it.

At worst, they can be described as superficial or fake, possibly even “ditsy”. They often have a difficult time making decisions since they tend to go with their gut instinct - but their gut instinct is also often the correct path due to their adaptability, so this rash decision making is not usually an issue.

Because a Gemini is so social, they often make it difficult for any individual to feel special around them, yet often at times people are drawn to their wit and energy.


The key to Gemini’s compatibility lies in whether or not they can be entertained while still connecting with someone on both a spiritual and intellectual level. While a Gemini tends to have many compatible zodiacs, those that do not click with Gemini may see them as cold or false.