Capricorn Overview

Taurus Improves with time

Cancer Intense and exciting

Capricorn Too much of a good thing

Virgo Natural bonding

Scorpio A perfect understanding

Pisces Secret mutual admiration

Aries A powerhouse of a relationship

Aquarius An instant bond

Sagittarius Perfectly complementary

Libra A new world together

Gemini Potential for growth

Leo Forever faithful

Capricorn Compatibility

Compatibility Details

Capricorn - Taurus

They have plenty in common and can make a good team. Each is practical and favours the real world, not wanting to take chances with their feelings. With a match in stamina, they can enjoy explosive passion. However, with all that dependability and stability, there could be a lack of excitement and it’s important to avoid getting trapped in a rut.

Result: Improves with time

Capricorn - Cancer

Their combined tenacity and determination, and a natural understanding of each other's needs makes this a good bonding of opposites. Cancer is drawn to Capricorn's strength and stability and This can be an intense and exciting relationship that improves over time. However, the relationship could sometimes be short on excitement.

Result: Intense and exciting

Capricorn - Capricorn

They understand each other’s needs without even asking. Two Capricorns together will never have a trivial relationship. They’re willing to work through problems and have a deep sense of mutual commitment and dedication. However, both want to be in control and they need to create a division of responsibility.

Result: Too much of a good thing

Capricorn - Virgo

Two such practical people are likely to have an immediate rapport. Virgo makes Capricorn feel secure and will help them achieve their goals. They both need respect and approval offer them to each other. However, sometimes they take life too seriously and forget to have fun.

Result: Natural bonding

Capricorn - Scorpio

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. If these two want to be together, no-ne can stop them. It can take a while to build trust, but over time this powerful combination can be one of the best matches in the zodiac. Taking it slowly and steadily ensures success.

Result: A perfect understanding

Capricorn - Pisces

Both tend to hide their feelings, so good communication is essential to make this work. They can meet each other’s needs as Capricorn loves to be admired and Pisces is happy to comply. While Capricorn offers Pisces a dose of reality, in return they’re taken to a world of imagination.

Result: Secret mutual admiration

Capricorn - Aries

Although Aries’ fire and spontaneity can clash with Capricorn’s practicality and stability, sometimes this pair surprises everyone. So long as they work out who's in charge and when, this can be a powerful combination. Otherwise, they’ll lock horns once too often and give up.

Result: A powerhouse of a relationship

Capricorn - Aquarius

Although seemingly very different, if they take the time to get to know each other they’ll find that they share many of the same goals, despite their different approaches. They need to beware of getting so much involved in other things that they don’t pay enough attention to their relationship. Starting with friendship helps.

Result: An instant bond

Capricorn - Sagittarius

Although they might not even consider each other in the first place, if they do get together, optimistic Sagittarius and pessimistic Capricorn can balance each other out. However, Sagittarius doesn't offer enough devotion and provide the security Capricorn wants. Plenty of patience is needed as this relationship improves over time.

Result: Perfectly complementary

Capricorn - Libra

With Libra being so sociable and Capricorn wanting time alone, it can be hard to find common ground and there could be lots of misunderstandings. Capricorn can’t help judging Libra, and Libra feels frustrated and discouraged by Capricorn. However, if they are clear about their roles in the relationship, this can last.

Result: A new world together

Capricorn - Gemini

Capricorn’s need for security doesn’t mix well with Gemini’s desire for freedom. However, they have a shared sense of humour, and Capricorn can offer Gemini some much needed security. Their differing approaches to spendingcan be the biggest barrier to overcome.

Result: Potential for growth

Capricorn - Leo

Although it looks good on the surface, it can be hard to make this relationship work on a practical level. Capricorn can’t resist offering Leo advice and Leo completely ignores it. Their enthusiasm and tantrums can really grate on Capricorn’s nerves. However, with effort, they can form a mutually supportive union, based on un-swaying devotion.

Result: Forever faithful

Capricorn Traits

Capricorn is goal oriented and puts enormous energy into achieving its objectives, perfectly planning every step along the way. They love hard work. Ambitious and determined Capricorn has a business-like approach to everything. They prefer to get on with things efficiently rather than make waves.

Patient Capricorn has an excess of common sense and will wait forever if it will get them what they want.

Capricorn can be domineering and can upset a few people on the way to the top, but this is all part of being a leader so far as they’re concerned. They thrive on responsibility and are adept at organising things. They are very particular about how things are run, including their domestic life, and can be very traditional in their approach.

A Capricorn is a person of action rather than words, and take their time in what they do to ensure they get it right first time. Taking risks isn’t in their nature – they want all the facts before making a move. Their status and what people think of them is enormously important to a Capricorn and they risk letting the desire for money and power eclipse their relationships.

Capricorn In Love

It takes a while to establish a relationship with Capricorn. They like to spend a lot of time getting to know a prospective partner before they’ll commit themselves. They would rather keep their feelings to themselves than risk rejection.

Unlikely to be impulsive in affairs of the heart, Capricorn seeks security and status as much as love. They often attract partners who want or need support.

Often they carry more than their fair share of responsibilities in the relationship. Once committed to a relationship they’re there for life. Totally reliable Capricorn will make sure all the practicalities of life are taken care of and will do whatever it takes to make sure they and their loved one feel secure.

Capricorn Friendship

Prone to looking on the bleak side of things, Capricorn can be uncomfortable in social situations. They can be very shy and are wary around people they do not know very well. However, they do warm up on knowing and are intensely loyal to the friends they do make. They have long memories and don’t forgive easily, so it’s unwise to make an enemy of a Capricorn.

They can at times be stingy so it’s often necessary to remind a Capricorn that it’s their turn to buy the drinks. However, they’re not mean – they just don’t see the point of spending money if they don’t have to.