Cancer Overview

Pisces Excellent

Scorpio Excellent

Taurus Love and understanding

Virgo Good

Cancer Good

Aquarius Mixed

Sagittarius Mixed

Leo Mixed

Gemini Fair

Libra Fair

Aries Poor

Capricorn Poor

Cancer Compatibility


Cancer’s are some of the most caring individuals on the planet. Known to be both loyal and eager to please, they are highly in tune with the emotions of others in a relationship, and know how to respond correctly.

However, this deep carrying attitude puts a Cancer at risk of becoming too clingy and too attached. They care so deeply that they can stop caring about themselves, instead only caring about the other people in their lives.

Interestingly, what makes Cancer’s so unique is that, although they tend to be dependent in their relationships, they are also highly capable of completing projects alone, often bringing a strength and perseverance that helps conquer even the toughest tasks. Still, although Cancer’s may be able to solve problems on their own, their natural inclinations are to want to work with others.


It is not difficult for a Cancer to find someone they care about, so they have no trouble becoming attached in relationships. But a healthy relationship for a Cancer is one where they receive an equal amount of care in return.