Aries Overview

Capricorn Relationship Powerhouse

Libra Opposites Attract

Sagittarius Boundless enthusiasm

Leo Never Dull

Aries Sparks will fly!

Gemini It’s all about now

Virgo Pure fascination

Taurus A bit push and pull

Scorpio Passion aplenty

Aquarius Buzzing with excitement

Cancer A struggle to understand

Pisces Strong Belonging

Aries Compatibility

Compatibility Details

Aries - Capricorn

On the surface they have little in common, However, Aries is intrigued by Capricorn’s composure and control and Capricorn is fascinated by Aries’s energy and initiative. Both have an aversion to boredom and the desire to achieve something important. If they learn to cooperate, they can take over the world.

Result: Relationship Powerhouse

Aries - Libra

It’s sometimes hard for Aries to compromise and tone down their intensity as much as Libra wants, and Libra can demand more commitment than Aries likes. But both are highly tolerant and have a strong romantic streak, so this can be an exciting and long-lasting relationship.

Result: Opposites Attract

Aries - Sagittarius

A relationship between Sagittarius and Aries can start at the drop of a hat – and sometimes end as quickly. Sagittarius might find Aries too bossy and Aries could think that Sagittarius is too much of a know it all. Their joint enthusiasm can add to the relationship as long as both remember that a little compromise can go a long way.

Result: Boundless enthusiasm

Aries - Leo

It can be crowded with two people trying to be the centre of attention. Leo can sometimes be too stuck in their ways for Aries, and Aries too bossy for Leo. However, they have a lot in common and can respect each other's views, likes and dislikes. There’s the possibility of plenty of passion.

Result: Never Dull

Aries - Aries

Neither will waste any time when it comes to getting together. The problem is that with all that energy fizzing over, this relationship could end as quickly as it begins. Both want to be best and first and clashes are almost inevitable. If each is willing to compromise, the making up can be a delight.

Result: Sparks will fly!

Aries - Gemini

The fact they both like doing things on impulse can be enough to create a bond. Aries may demand more attention than Gemini feels like offering and Gemini can be a touch too analytical for Aries’ tastes. However, there’s plenty of fun on offer if they follow up shared interests and don’t take each other for granted.

Result: It’s all about now

Aries - Virgo

Despite the clear attraction, it can take a lot of effort to make this work, especially as Virgo hates feeling rushed. However, as Virgo likes to give more than they take, they don’t mind Aries being at the centre of things. Learning to accept what the other offers is the best way to success.

Result: Pure fascination

Aries - Taurus

Things will go more easily if Aries deals with the social aspects of the relationship and Taurus the practicalities. Aries might find Taurus a bit boring, while Taurus wonders what they got themselves into. The two move at different speeds, but the relationship can work if they’re going in the same direction.

Result: A bit push and pull

Aries - Scorpio

Both are straightforward, but Scorpio can move too slowly for Aries’ taste. Scorpio’s patience and secrecy can fascinate Aries, and Scorpio will appreciate an outlet for their passionate desires. Some adjustment is essential, but the sparks that fly between these two can simply add to the deep passion they feel for each other.

Result: Passion aplenty

Aries - Aquarius

The combination of Aries’s enthusiasm with Aquarius’s desire to be unconventional makes for a lively and sociable combination. The problem is that with so much going on, they might find it hard to make time for each other. They can easily be close friends, but need to make more effort if they want romance.

Result: Buzzing with excitement

Aries - Cancer

While Aries gets straight to the point, Cancer tends to be more indirect and at times they may find each other baffling. Cancer can be too sensitive and dependent for Aries, and Aries too demanding and inconsiderate for Cancer. It’s hard for each to meet the other’s needs, but a little respect goes along way.

Result: A struggle to understand

Aries - Pisces

With Pisces being so subtle and Aries so direct, it’s rare these tow ever get together. If they do, Pisces’s dithering and Aries’s lack of awareness when it comes to hints and subtlety can make things hard going. However, they can learn from their differences and cement a bond based on common interests.

Result: Strong Belonging

Sign Traits

Time is too precious to waste and Aries is always prepared to make the first move. These aren’t complicated people. A leader rather than a follower, Aries has an enthusiastic approach to life that’s instantly appealing.

On the plus side, they’re full of initiative and enthusiasm, ready to try anything new. They can be a positive inspiration to those around them. However, on the negative side they are sometimes prone to being argumentative and selfish.

Easily bored and impatient, Aries finds it almost impossible to sit still. In their rush, they often overlook details. Making things happen is what Aries is about, and they both work and play hard.

Aries in Love

Life is exciting, and love is exciting. That’s just the way Aries likes it.

They’d much rather take a risk than be bored. So if someone catches their eye, they’ll make the first move – and often won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Attracting an Aries is easy. Just tell them how great they are and they’ll be putty in your hands. Subtlety and game-playing are beyond them – either you meet their needs, or you don't. They prefer to spend their intimate time with someone who is confident, has a brain, and has a life – preferably a busy life. The fun of the chase appeals to an Aries more than a solid relationship; too much too soon and they lose interest.

Aries likes to run the show and is open minded so there's no need to be coy with them. They easily become bored and so can be very demanding lovers, and they often make decisions they live to regret in the cold, hard light of day.

Aries loves to feel they’re part of a fairy-tale romance, but the last thing they want is to feel trapped. However, they’re capable of being incredibly faithful and honest – and they expect the same in return. Should anything go wrong, they’ll try their best to repair the relationship, and are happy to forgive and forget, but they don’t have a problem in calling it a day when a relationship has run its course.

With a little compromise, Aries can thrive in a relationship with any other sign.

Aries in Friendship

You’ll never wonder what an Aries friend thinks of you; they’ll look you straight in the eye and tell you. Gossip and manipulation are alien concepts to an Aries. They much prefer the direct approach and are willing to chat to anyone about anything. There is such a thing as being too direct, and you may wince at their lack of tact at times, but you know they have good intentions. And you may have to sometimes gently encourage them to be more considerate of other people’s feelings.

Aries is well aware that everyone makes mistakes, and their general approach is to forgive and forget. They’re not easily offended, but if you do break through their thick skin, they’ll often be the first to make up. Their desire to be first and jump in without thinking can cause problems.

Filled with energy, Aries loves to party and have an active social life. They simply don’t understand couch potatoes and can soon turn a dull and dreary day into something bright and breezy. Ready to try anything once, they can talk you into doing things you’d never considered – or even heard of!

Most Aries have plenty of friends, but only a few that they’re truly close to. They are loyal and generous to a fault to their friends, and always willing to offer a helping hand.