Aquarius Overview

Libra Excellent

Gemini Excellent

Sagittarius Good

Aries Good

Aquarius Good

Virgo Mixed

Cancer Mixed

Pisces Mixed

Capricorn Fair

Scorpio Fair

Leo Poor

Taurus Friendly fascination

Aquarius Compatibility


An Aquarians personality is very independently minded. They do not like to be subordinate, whether at work or at home. They also tend to never admit they are wrong, and are often seen as sarcastic and cynical.

However, their independence is also their strength, as the Aquarius personality is both inventive and witty, often categorized by an impressive amount of creativity and originality in life. And because they are such an independent group, they often come up with new and exciting things to do. No one will ever say that an Aquarian is boring.


Overall, despite requiring intellectual stimulation, their compatibility is mostly dependent on whether or not they receive the freedom they need to flourish. They tend not to get that attached to any individual, so all the signs that prefer strong emotional bonds often conflict with the Aquarius’s quest for individuality. However, because the Aquarius is such a creative and outgoing group, a relationship with one is never dull.